Mailsafe - Email archiving for NHS Trusts, CSU’s, CCG’s, GP’s migrating to NHSmail or staying with Exchange.

for NHSmail.

Mailsafe’s email archive will give NHSmail users access to their legacy Exchange and PST file emails from an Outlook add-in or mobile device. No email will be lost or mislaid for e-discovery too.

Migration to NHSmail will be virtually seamless for the users and trouble free for your migration team. You’ll have fast de-commissioning of your Exchange servers resulting in minimal co-existence issues.

for Exchange.

Mailsafe offers both server and user side email archiving together with automated mailbox content, age related, retention management.

Exchange's size can be kept at a constant level making it healthier as well as providing stable backup timings.

Smooth migration to NHSmail

Mailsafe is ideal for Trusts etc that are self migrating or as a partner to Accenture’s Managed Migration Service options.

To ensure that no email is ever lost or mislaid, an up to date user accessible email archive will have been created by Mailsafe before commencing migration of groups of users to NHSmail.

From Mailsafe’s Outlook add-in, users have fast access to their archived emails.

As groups of users are migrated to NHSmail, mailboxes can be populated with Personal Folders, current emails as well as Calendar items, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

NHSmail emails can be added to the email archive too, either automatically or by users self selecting the emails to be archived.

Retaining Exchange

For trusts that want to retain Exchange, or are undecided which option to take, Mailsafe helps maintain a ‘healthy’ Exchange as well as reducing backup times and storage requirements.

Emails in the email archive take up half the space when compared with the Exchange server.

Historic emails older than a specified date can be automatically archived and deleted to keep Exchange’s size at an even level.

Users have fast and easy access to historic archived emails from an Outlook add-in.

About Mailsafe

Mailsafe is a modern, proven product that at its core has a ‘lean’ and secure single instance archive with fast searching, finding and retrieval of emails.

It does not use outdated ‘stubbing’ as an archiving methodology, and instead all securely archived emails remain 100% complete together with their attachments for accurate e-discovery, user access and return of email copies to mailboxes.

NHS Trust sites that have benefitted from using Mailsafe include NHS England, Worcester Health & Care, Worcester Acute, Ayrshire and Arran, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Papworth Heart and Lung, County Durham and Darlington and many more. A number of CCG and CSU sites are also users.

We’re proud that Mailsafe is a British product and that our customer focused approach, together with an appreciation of budget constraints, has helped many NHS sites.

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Migrating to NHSmail or retaining your Exchange server

Migrating to NHSmail.

Without interruption to users email usage a smooth three stage email archiving and migration process to NHSmail.

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Retaining your Exchange Server.

Have a ‘healthy’ Exchange server by automatically keeping its size at an even level.

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Undecided whether to migrate to NHSmail or not?

Email archiving will help whilst preparing you for when you decide to move to NHSmail or when migrating to another version of Exchange.

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Existing NHSmail site with lots of PST files.

Eliminate your need for PST’s altogether.

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