Due to the Mailbox size limitation in the original NHSmail system (before NHSmail) many users archived their “old” emails that they wanted to retain in PST files which in turn created issues for the IT Department.

PST Discovery is our own software product that answers the IT Managers questions “Where are all of our PST files located, how big they are, who owns each file and when was it last opened”?

PST files might be spread all over the network on different servers or they can be saved to local hard disk drives. PST Discovery displays comprehensive reports so that a complete “picture” is obtained on all PST files.

Discovered PST files can be selected and emails absorbed into the email archive where they can be easily searched for and found.

The overall aim is to discontinue the use of PST files because of their size limitations and tendency to corrupt by replacing them with an email archiving system.

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  • How long will it take to archive you existing legacy emails?

    Your legacy emails will be in your Exchange or in PST files. Therefore the first thing to know is how big your Exchange is and also how much space your PST files take up.

    With Mailsafe, virtual PC's can be used to archive legacy emails from both Exchange and PST files to the Mailsafe archive. You can have just one virtual PC or as many as you can set up. With more virtual PC's commissioned and running the archiving process as a background process the less time it will take.

    We've created a simple calculator that you can use by clicking here where you can try out different mixes of variables to give you an accurate guide regarding the length of time it will take to archive your legacy emails.

    Click on the link and try it out, it's very easy to use.