Mailsafe CCTN – Calendars and Contacts

Migrating Calendar Appointments from Exchange to NHSmail? You will need to read this!

The Outlook Calendar is used extensively for organising and inviting people to meetings, booking rooms and locations. Attendees are notified immediately of any appointment changes, which include dates, times, locations, attendees and agendas, then their calendars will update automatically. Synchronisation of Calendar appointments between the organiser and all attendees is constantly maintained. Users get accustomed to this level of functionality and want the same from the first moment they start using NHSmail.

However, a problem will occur after migrating Calendar appointments from Exchange to NHSmail if you’ve only copied or moved them from one platform to the other. After using ‘copy’ or ‘move’ with Calendar appointments, (post migration to NHSmail) and the originator or an attendee wants to change something in the appointment, which frequently happens, then they will be unsuccessful. Plus, automatically circulating appointment changes to all attendees will fail because the Calendar appointment will not have the new NHSmail email addresses for the attendees, instead it will still have the old Exchange email addresses.

During the migration process, and definitely before you first start using NHSmail, you will need to have both the originator’s and the attendees’ email address for all Calendar appointments automatically changed from their Exchange format to the new NHSmail ones. From then on, any amendments or changes to appointments will be successfully broadcast and updated to all intended recipients.

Mailsafe CCTN (Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes) automatically provides a true new Calendar appointment with the correct NHSmail email addresses instead of the old Exchange ones. This ensures that appointment changes can me made successfully, and automatically broadcast to all attendees from the moment that users start with NHSmail.

The Mailsafe CCTN module will also automatically update the Trust’s local Contacts for each user to reflect the new NHSmail email addresses.

To trial Mailsafe CCTN to see how it will solve your NHSmail Calendar appointment amendment and changes as well as Contacts issues please complete the <contact us> form and we’ll respond promptly.