• Retaining Exchange server

    If you want to continue using your existing Exchange server or are unsure of the direction that you will be taking then you'll need to consider the cost of CLAS consultants. For Trusts that remain on Exchange, NHS Digital's publication ISB1596 relating to Secure Email Standards specifies that a CLAS consultant (CESG Listed Adviser Scheme) can advise on accreditation. Mailsafe satisfies the required email archiving standards.

    Any health and care organisation wishing to operate its own email systems securely and connect it to other secure email services such as NHSmail must meet the published standard by June 2017.

  • Migrating to NHSmail

    The earlier the decision to migrate to NHSmail the better but we do understand and appreciate the various approval stages that a Trust needs to go through to get a final decision.

    We are mindful that available time to "sweep up" historic emails into the email archive and make them available to NHSmail users might diminish. We have a number of practical and financial options that help to alleviate this timing issue. For more details please use the contact form

  • How long will it take to archive you existing legacy emails?

    Your legacy emails will be in your Exchange or in PST files. Therefore the first thing to know is how big your Exchange is and also how much space your PST files take up.

    With Mailsafe, virtual PC's can be used to archive legacy emails from both Exchange and PST files to the Mailsafe archive. You can have just one virtual PC or as many as you can set up. With more virtual PC's commissioned and running the archiving process as a background process the less time it will take.

    We've created a simple calculator that you can use by clicking here where you can try out different mixes of variables to give you an accurate guide regarding the length of time it will take to archive your legacy emails.

    Click on the link and try it out, it's very easy to use.